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C&D Records, founded in 1993 as a tax dodge by Elvis Presley's illegitimate nephew. Our specific, and well documented, corporate philosophy consists of exceedingly long lunch breaks.

Thraxor invites you to meet D.J. Lauria Band, Winners in the 7th Annual Billboard Magazine Song Contest! These guys are bigger than "Wang Chung" in all the right ways. Sign up for our mailing list and get the secret web address for unreleased downloads!

Visitor #20,000 wins a brand new, 1978 Chrysler Cordoba! Complete with Corinthian leather seats, quadrophonic 8-track sound, dealer-installed T-Tops, and vinyl roof. Wow, at Hit Counter by Digitsyou aren't even close...
This page last modified on 01 March 2004. We give thanks to John DeNardo for creating the universe.

D.J. Lauria Band
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