CIDRSS - a Caller-ID RSS Feed/Log viewer for Tivo Series 2 and TivoWebPlus 2.1+
v5.0.00 (8/08)  © David J. Lauria
contact: djl at DDB, djl25 at TCF, or email

This script supplies Caller-ID information either as an RSS feed or a web page, and can export Tivo-formatted files for use in Excel, 123, and other spreadsheets/databases.  It requires TivoWebPlus 2.1.b3 or higher and either elseed or NCID.
This program is free software, released under the GPL 3.  if you find it useful, In lieu of a donation please go to and consider downloading a song or two by the author's musical group!

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cidrss uses the tcl "clock" function to parse dates, and it's really cool.  You can input a numeric date like 9/17/2001, a text date like "April 15", or a relative time.  Here's what the man page says:

relative time

a specification relative to the current time. The format is number unit acceptable units are year, fortnight, month, week, day, hour, minute (or min), and second (or sec). The unit can be specified as a singular or plural, as in 3 weeks. These modifiers may also be specified: tomorrow, yesterday, today, now, last, this, next, ago.

So a search such as "3 days ago" until "yesterday" makes perfect sense to the module.  Go ahead and type in anything you want, it's fairly bulletproof.


Change any of the above options in cidrss.itcl, then copy it TivoWebPlus modules directory and do a full reload. Optionally, copy the graphics files to /images.  If both elseed.log and cidcall.log exist, this script will default to ncid.  The first time the script runs it creates an index of your log file, which may take a little while. 

Starting with v5.0 and higher, cidrss has a config page to set the options that used to be set via command line which can be accessed at any time from the caller-id submenu.


  • Why is it called cidRSS?  It does web pages and all...
    The original script was only meant to supply rss feeds.  The web page option was added after some users requested it, but by then I already had the name.   The subdirectory name has been changed from /cidrss to /cid.
  • What's the difference between the Caller-ID programs?
     - Versions for Series 1 & Series 2 Tivos.
     - Can function as a YAC server.
     - Easy to set up.
     - Unsupported.
     - There are several. different. versions. of elseed, each of which has slightly different characteristics.  The big problem with many of them is that they don't include the year in the call time; thus the logs are worthless for searches that go back more than a year.  Some versions address this limitation by adding a "system time" field; if it's there, cidrss uses it automatically.  The "Vonage" version of elseed does not, unfortunately, include this field.
     - Versions for Series 1 & Series 2 Tivos.
     - Unbelievably versatile.  Can provide Caller-ID in many formats.
     - Uses out2osd for screen output (easily allows different fonts)
     - More difficult to set up, but...
     - Excellent support on both DDB and TCF
     - Provides Caller-ID to screen, but the Tivo version does not (to my knowledge) write a call-log.  Thus, it's not compatible with cidrss.  If anyone has a version of YAC that does keep a log, please notify me.

    If you've never used either ncid or elseed and are looking for a recommendation, install ncid.  It does much more and has great support.
  • Why do I have '' above my menu bar?
    You must be using one of the original Tivoweb themes, such as "faiec" or "sortof."  Theres a small bug in the CSS for all of those themes except "tivocomm," "halloween," and "blackbook."  Keep in mind that all of SteveT's Jacket series themes work fine, and are much more awesome.
  • Why do names show up backward on the TV, but corrected on the Tivo?
    Most phone companies send their caller-id through in the format "Last First".  Cidrss has a switch called "last_1st" that when set to yes, will attempt to reverse names.  This usually works pretty well, but can be confusing for company names.  When writing an alias to file, ncid users have the option of saving it in a format that shows the same onscreen and in the log.  Since this requires a TrueType font onscreen, this option is disabled for elseed users.
  • Why do I receive an error message like <couldn't execute "TivoWebPlus/bin_mips/find": no such file or directory> when I try to use the alias function?
    If you get this error, you're using an old version of the module.  Upgrade to 5.0 or above.
  • Is this free?
    You bet.  if you find it useful, In lieu of a donation please go to and consider downloading a song or two by the author's musical group!