CIDTV - a Caller-ID Log viewer for Tivo By David J. Lauria
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This script supplies onscreen Caller-ID information. It requires either elseed or NCID and is most useful to those that have Trickey running, as they can assign a key on their remote to have instant access to their call information.  It will output to out2osd (if it's on the path) or text2osd.
cidtv is an adaptation of my cidrss program, but it does NOT require Tivoweb.



Installation and usage:
Change any of the above options in cidtv.tcl, then copy it to your hacks folder. 'Count' and 'delay' can be specified on the command line, so running the script with './cidtv.tcl 3 15' would show the three most recent calls onscreen for fifteen seconds.  If you would like the script to be a little faster and don't mind giving up some formatting, change 'last_1st' and 'fix_case' to "no".

Version 1.1.02 (01/09)

Version 1.1.01 (01/09)

Version 1.1.00 (01/09)

Version 1.0.01 (10/07)

Version 1.0.00 (10/07) - initial release