SCREENTEXT - an onscreen display frontend for TivoWebPlus 2.1+
v2.0.01 (5/10)  © David J. Lauria 2008-10




djl at DDB, djl25 at TCF, or email

This script sends text messages to your TV, using either the built-in text2osd program, out2osd (which comes with the ncid caller-id utility), or the older newtext2osd.  This program is free software and is bundled with TivoWebPlus 2.1.  If you find it useful, In lieu of a donation please go to and consider downloading a song or two by the author's musical group!

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Copy it to your TivoWebPlus modules directory and do a quick reload.  It should work with all Tivos using the installed text2osd program, but for better output you're better off installing out2osd or text2osd.



 - fixed small bug where wrong default osd program was chosen if text2osd was the only option

 - rewrote blink function.  It now backgrounds, so you don’t have to tie up your browser
 - added a “Clear Screen” button, which should only appear if something is already being displayed

- GUI completely redesigned.  Now uses Javascript to enable/disable features that are specific to certain osd programs
 - newtext2osd support added
 - Screen layout changed so there's less chance of accidentally saving defaults when you meant to 'Send to TV'
 - added left and right justify
 - added blink

1.00.04 (7/08)
 - Checkboxes, again.
  Should now allow values to be changed for the current session without having to save defaults first.

1.00.03 (7/08)
 - Some simplifications were made to the code.  The module no longer auto-switches between programs if the defaults chosen by the user aren't available (ie, scaling the "Standard" font in out2osd).
 - Fixed more checkbox persistence
 - Removed background color option for series 1/text2osd in order to do away with the ugly screen-covering box
 - Cleaned up code to let out2osd run from its default location, even if it hasn't been added to the path explicitly
 - bug fixed where returns in text would multiply when "Save these defaults" was used on some browsers

 - Now sets FONT_PATH automatically for out2osd, even if not set in environment
 - There is no "clear" color for text2osd.  This is now indicated.
 - out2osd now backgrounds
 - bookmark text in page title
 - "Save these defaults" now auto-loads page
 - Multiple bug fixes:

1.00.01 (5/08)
 - Rearranged layout to make keyboard entry easier
 - Added checks for negative x/y values
 - Removed "use text2osd" registration and replaced with a checkbox for out2osd
 - Now sets focus to text area automatically

1.00.00 (4/08)
- Initial release