Subject Thank you, Mr. Malaprop
DateCreated 5/19/2006 10:41:00 PM
PostedDate 5/19/2006 10:18:00 PM

Chicken Football:  Yes
Drunk girl that looks like CJ from "The West Wing" insists on duetting "Sweet Caroline" with me:  Yes

This was just a nice wedding, flat out: great couple, fun crowd that danced a lot, nice setting.  Even the toast was decent: he referred to a shamrock, and how the three leaves represented his wish for love, children, and a long life.  Cheers.  It reminded me about the cardinal rule of toast-giving:  no one cares what the groom or bride means TO YOU.  So tell them you love them and JUST SIT DOWN.

Best part of the night, though, was a beautiful misspeak on the part of C.  I think he meant to close out the set with something along the lines of "stick around, we'll be back to rock the house!"  However, what came out was "we're coming back rock hard!"  it was so important to remember the phrasing that H messaged it to me after the gig.  It reminded us of our all-time favorite:  we were at a wedding at the Quidnessett CC that was going badly.  The couple (unlike many nowadays) elected to do the garter/bouquet bit, which he always narrarates.  The bride sat down, the groom got ready, and C said:  "Now reach underneath that dress as high as you can and grab that beautiful bouquet!"  The groom later agreed that his wife's bouquet was beautiful, but was curious to find out how C knew.