Subject Sibling rivalry
DateCreated 8/28/2007 6:55:00 PM
PostedDate 8/28/2007 6:48:00 PM
Body The bride's dance with her father is one of the traditional highlights at a wedding reception.  Most people stop what they're doing to watch, and it usually generates more tears than any other formality (not counting the "OH GOD JIM YOU'VE BEEN THE GREATEST FRIEND IN THE HISTORY OF THE UNIVERSE" toasts, since usually the only person crying is the one giving it).  It's always heartbreaking when the father of the bride has passed on, and isn't there to dance with his little girl; frequently, they'll skip it entirely.  On occasion the bride will dance with someone else that has been important to her in the absence of her dad, such as an uncle or older brother.  This happened recently, and you can imagine the effect on the room - there was not a dry eye in the house.
 Until someone cut in.
 At first, the uncle she was dancing with just looked confused.  He must have assumed that if someone was tapping him on the shoulder at such an important moment that there was a fire, or hurricane, or impending Armageddon.   He was so bewildered that he tripped on his shoe as he gave way.  The videographer was looking around as if he'd just been punk'd, since there would be no way to salvage this for the dvd.  C, bless him, didn't even look up from whatever piece of music it was that we've probably played five hundred times (H and I were frantically jumping up and down trying to get his attention, or at least break his concentration) as he announced, "Ladies and gentlemen, how about another nice round of applause for the lovely bride and her proud uncle!"
 We found out later that it was another uncle that had cut in.  Evidently, you shouldn't play favorites with the brothers of your deceased father on your wedding day.