Every girl crazy for a sharp-dressed man

Recently, our drummer stopped at a Dunkin’ Donuts on the way to a gig for a little pick-me-up (drummers, as a rule, need large amounts of caffeine and sugar.  It’s like having a large toddler around, especially because they’re always hitting things.)  He was running late, and so was already wearing his tux to save time once he got to the gig.  (Yes, he was running late –but still stopping for coffee.  See toddler comment, above.)  There was a teenage girl behind the counter who stared at him for a second, then instead of asking for his order said,  “So.  Which is it?”

Confused, M answered, “excuse me?”

She replied, “dressed like that, you’re either going to a funeral or to a wedding that NOBODY wants to see happen.”

Momentarily stunned, he finally answered, “Actually, for a funeral I might spring for dry-cleaning…”