Public Therapy (single), 1998

“Public Therapy” b/w “What Is It About You?” was the final released single by the D.J. Lauria Band, and had a harder-edged sound than our earlier releases. The title tune is about talk radio, and how it was poisonous to public discourse. HAHAHAHAHA Twitter is laughing at me now. Also, old friend (and professor, may he rest in peace) Henry Gaffney had my favorite quote about the song: “Yeah, it’s fine. What’s with all the French, though?”
“What Is It About You?” has so much that I love: exaggerated lyrics, big guitar solo, intro in 7/4 time for no reason… Also, our drummer, John A., had a way of making up words that sounded real, so he managed to convince a lot of people that the title was “What is it: A balue?” THAT’S HOW YOU MAKE HITS, KIDS.

Released as a cassingle in 1998. Currently unavailable.

Satellite Pictures, 1997

Satellite Pictures collected our previous singles with three new songs for the D.J. Lauria Band’s first big CD release! (CDs were a thing at the time, trust me.) This was when we had the most label interest, and things were looking up for the band, until: Imago went belly-up, the guys in Worcester decided to put their money into online dating instead, and Global Media turned out to be a semi-scam. Typical music industry stuff. But, hey, at least we got a CD with the wrong track listing printed on it!
“Huddleston Pond” was a mini travelogue, based on an afternoon spent at a small park in Peachtree City, GA. The Providence Journal called it a ‘sweetly voiced slice of life’ in their album review, much to our delight. “Emergency Stop” was another in my continuing series of ‘if you take a metaphor and stomp it into the ground, you’ll sound like Elvis Costello’ lyrics. Which, no. “The Day Before We Met” started as an attempt to write a John Lennon song, which failed utterly, but gave us a pretty good song nonetheless. The others had all been previously released on the exciting cassingle format, making this a sort-of greatest hits compilation (which contained no actual hits.)

Released in April, 1997. Currently unavailable.