The Soft Buzz of Silence

Range of Motion was my first all-original band. I was incredibly fortunate to overhear a conversation, that led to an audition, that led to the chance to play for several years in a band that seemed to write several new songs at every rehearsal. Partly, that was due to our lead singer, Stephen Martin (formerly of the Providence band, The Baboons), and his amazing, effortless, seriously dark, lyric-writing ability. Partly, it was because every time I came up with a new riff, it turned into a musical dare: let’s see if we can write THIS. Mostly, it was because we had a blast making music, and we absolutely didn’t care who liked it.
We recorded this five-song EP with Jack at Lakewest, but over the span of just a couple years, there were dozens of songs that didn’t get released. This almost didn’t get digitized, for that matter, since the DAT tape masters are long gone. What you hear online is a cleaned up rip from a previously-unopened cassette.
Released in 1990 on cassette in May, 1990. Currently available online for purchase and streaming. More information about the band can be found on our CDBaby page.

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