Satellite Pictures

Satellite Pictures collected our previous singles with three new songs for the D.J. Lauria Band’s first big CD release! (CDs were a thing at the time, trust me.) This was when we had the most label interest, and things were looking up for the band, until: Imago went belly-up, the guys in Worcester decided to put their money into online dating instead, and Global Media turned out to be a semi-scam. Typical music industry stuff. But, hey, at least we got a CD with the wrong track listing printed on it!
“Huddleston Pond” was a diary entry from an afternoon spent at a small park in Peachtree City, GA. The Providence Journal called it a ‘sweetly voiced slice of life’ in their album review, much to our delight. “Emergency Stop” was me trying to sound like Elvis Costello (yet again) by taking a metaphor and stomping every variation of it into the ground for four minutes. Which, no. On the other hand, “The Day Before We Met” started as an attempt to write like John Lennon, which didn’t work, but it became something else, pretty and sad, which did. The other songs had already been released on the exciting cassingle format, making this a sort-of greatest hits compilation, which contained no actual hits.

Originally released on CD in April, 1997. C&D Records catalog #47-193. Currently unavailable.